What is a DIN stereo speaker?

Devices for cars with stereo head come in all shapes and sizes, which can lead to unfortunate upgrade proposal. Most vehicles have come with single or double DIN radios for decades, but there are thousands of cars and trucks out there with head units that fall into the odd inter-category typically called 1.5 DIN or Din-and-a-half. You can get additional details by checking out this link: best double din head unit

What is DIN-and-half?

Although 1.5 DIN is not the official standard, it is, in fact, in good company. The much more common double DIN car radio form factor is not the official standard either. The only coded unit head factor is a single DIN, which determines width and height. Din-and-half-heads are half again high than one DIN, and double-DIN heads are twice as large. While dozens of car manufacturers have used single and double DIN formal factors, 1.5 DIN is far less common. It's most commonly found in GM products, such as Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC cars and trucks.

In some cases, it may be difficult to tell if the vehicle has a 1.5 DIN radio, which is why it is essential to measure or consult a compatibility guide or appropriate chart before purchasing a head unit upgrade. When it comes time to upgrade a 1.5 DIN car radio, there are different ways to proceed. In some cases, it's even possible to go for a full double DIN head unit, although this is more than an exception to the rule.

Car Radio DIN measurements

Although all radios do not comply with the DIN standard, they are uniform in height and width. Depth varies, and there is no standard depth for car radios. However, determining whether you are working with a 1.5 DIN radio or one of the other is as simple as measuring the height of the device.

Installation of double DIN head unit in car stereo slot of 1.5 DIN

In most cases, cars with 1.5 DIN cars should be replaced with 1.5 DIN or single DIN umbrella devices. However, there are several situations where it is possible to install a full double DIN unit.

The only way to say for sure is to remove the mask around the radio and all other necessary elements of the race to see how much space is available. If the original broadcast came with a spacer board or storage pocket above or below the unit, then there might be enough space for a double DIN head.In cases where there is enough space to replace 1.5 DIN dual-use radios, sometimes the original equipment (OE) bezel or trimmer sock command is designed for a more wide receiver. In other cases, the only option available is to create a custom frame or trim piece. Postmarket brackets are available for many applications where there is enough space in the dash to upgrade from 1.5 DIN to double DIN, though you may or may not be able to find one that works with any head. In any case, you want to measure it instead of taking it as a given.

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